Our Team

  • Marcus Schaw

    Marcus has been building for over 15 years, with experience in NZ and abroad. He started SBL in 2010 after realising his passion for perfection would be better suited to his own company.

  • Sarah Schaw

    Sarah offers support to Marcus and the team with project management and administration. She has a degree in Marketing and Psychology, and has worked in project management for 13 years.

  • Brendan Mackey

    Brendan completed his apprenticeship with the NZ Army during which he was a builder and peace keeper, in both East Timor and the Soloman Islands. Since joining us in 2014 he has become Marcus’ right hand man. Brendan has over 20 years building experience.

  • George Hendy
    Qualified Carpenter

    George joined us in January 2016. He has expansive knowledge in farm building and a great ability to make a job flow seamlessly. George manages our smaller jobs, and provides our apprentices with practical experience in a wide variety of building tasks.

  • MacKenzie Oliver

    Macca joined the team early 2018 and is currently completing his apprenticeship. Macca is CHB born and raised, loves his footy!

  • Tyler Kopua

    Tyler started with SBL in 2016 through the Star Program at CHB College. He showed a natural tendency for building, so we bide our time till he was able to leave school and snapped him up as an apprentice. We're loving watching T-Rex progress through his apprenticeship.

  • Shayne Kawana

    Shayne is a born and bred CHB lad, but has over 15 years experience building and managing projects in Canada. He is also a Geotechnic Operative, meaning he adds another string to the SBL bow with his ground knowledge. He is currently formalising his skills with an apprenticeship and is a wonderful support to our qualified staff.

  • Deven Adams

    Deven started in April 2018 and shows huge promise. He spent time before SBL with a joiner so his finishing work is exceptional. Dev has a young son that takes up most of his spare time!

  • Shaun McCoubrey

    Shaun is originally from Christchurch and moved up to Hawke's Bay, joining SBL in 2018. He has a wealthy of knowledge being a qualified builder. Shaun enjoys working with the SBL crew and exploring beautiful Hawke's Bay.

  • Joel Hintz
    Hammer Hand

    Joel started beginning of 2019, he is a professional rugby player recently securing a contract with the Magpies. We use him when he's not busy on the field, although all going well will have him as an apprentice by the end of the year.

  • Richard Wilmans
    Qualified Carpenter

    Richard started beginning of 2019 - has a serious number of years, loves the small stuff and is a great teacher to our young guys


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